about project

Job marketplace for international workers that helps finding a safe and legal job in Poland.

technology stack

Business Context

Our client is a Georgia-based company. They support local people in finding prosperous and legal jobs abroad. Their goal was to create an online platform to make the whole process of job-finding easier and available for anyone.


The final platform was expected to be available as both web and mobile applications. It aimed to provide a platform for both employers seeking workers and individuals searching for a job. It was about to be an endless source of attractive job offers, a space for employer and employees to communicate and, last but not least, a legit source of information about legal, international jobs.

Key features

  • job offers browser with a search engine that matches job offers to user’s needs and preferenceslinguistic support with auto-translation feature including Georgian, Armenian and many more.
  • intuitive chat allowing a user to show interest in an offers, to send more questions to the employers or to post their resumes
  • multiple subscription plans with easy online payment
  • useful information on legal international employment
  • possibility to send necessary documents to employer
  • detailed job offer’s template for employers allowing them to provide necessary information about offered job position, responsibilities, offered support in move and accommodation.