about project

A mobile clicker game. It allows you to collect virtual trees and cards of endangered animals.

technology stack

Project Overview

Client: Fundacja Zielona Przystań

Project Type: Mobile Game + Backend

Duration of works: +1 year

Launch date: not yet

Team: 3 software developers + 1 backend developer + 2 UI/UX designers

Starting assumptions

The client is a charity specializing in intergenerational support. The essential mission of the game was to combine the recreational function with charity and education. It was intended to increase players' knowledge of endangered flora and fauna, yet remain visually attractive and captivating (especially for younger audiences). Another important initial assumption was to generate profits through gameplay (with advertisements or microtransactions) in the purpose of donating them to ecological fundraisers.

The game will be exciting enough to attract players of all ages and provide them lots of fun, blended with education on serious ecological issues, as well as endangered species protection. The final product should include kids-friendly interface design, charming illustrations and balanced gameplay equipped with profits-generating advertisement watching.

Basic features of the finished application

  • Clicker-type gameplay based on planting virtual trees, generating in-game currency. Additional various boosts allow players to earn more points by tapping on the screen.
  • System of generating profits by watching ads.
  • Collecting educational virtual cards of endangered animals, available to purchase through the game using in-game currency. The cards help players to learn about habitats of rare animal species and bring awareness to the problem.
  • Unique possibility to learn and support educational fundraisers by playing the game.
  • Leaderboards, including statistics, achievements and awards of best players.
  • Sharing content from the game on social media, integrated with Facebook and Twitter.

Technologies - details

BLOC, Flutter, Strapi