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Telemetry data-collecting app dedicated to F1 racing gamers.

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Project Overview

Client: Point B

Project Type: Mobile App + Backend

Duration of works: +6 months

Launch date: January 2021

Team: 5 software developers + 1 backend developer

Project Establishment

The idea of our Client was to allow players to improve their F1 gaming performance in a very intuitive way. The main goal of this project was to create an innovative telemetry analysis solution for Formula 1 racing games.

Key features

  • Collecting detailed telemetry data, including performances of both current and best players.
  • Sophisticated and player-friendly data visualization. Information collected in a single race is processed and displayed as a map of a race track.
  • Clear, minimalistic interface, which provides intuitive navigation, even for non-experienced players.
  • Automatic start/end detection. This solution helps players to focus on their game experience only.
  • Detailed analysis of every circle lap of the race.
  • Reccomended initial settings and tips for different kinds of races.



The final application helped our Client to establish numerous collaborations with player leagues - which is undoubtedly a success for the project. The players are enthusiastic about the RaceInsight application as well and don't hesitate to share their satisfaction online.

Technologies - details

Flutter, BLOC, Aqueduct, SQL

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