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Desktop application that records entrances and exits of employees, improves management and generates activity reports.

technology stack

Project Overview

Client: Polish IT Company

Project Type: desktop + web app

Duration of works: 1,5 years

Launch date: August 2022

Team: 11 developers + 1 tester

Business context & requirements

The client is a company specializing in devices and technologies including  biometry, documents scanning, data collecting and registration.

Various terminals (biometrical or card-based) provided by the client are usually placed around facilities of some company, to record entries and exits of employers. Collected data can be used to track and manage activity of workers. Our finished application was supposed to improve management of employers, increase readability of data collected by terminals and automatically generate activity reports.

Key Features

  • ability to connect with terminals. Our software can collect data from various devices at the same time.
  • database storing all the data collected through connected terminals. Users of the application can easily search through recorded exits, entries, exact time,date of an activity and many more. Even users unfamiliar with technology are able to intuitively access data they need due to search filters we’ve provided.
  • customizable search filters and data-grouping.
  • ability to complement missing data by-hand. It is essential to cover all the possibilities where hardware becomes unreliable or insufficient.
  • additional feature of marking vacations or other leaves.
  • ability to import older databases. Solution dedicated to experienced companies.
  • customizable, fast and easy generator of various reports.


Our software, due to its functionality and simplicity, has gained a lot of recognition and appreciation among hundreds of Polish companies.

Technologies - details

React, Node, SQL, Mobx, Electron.js