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Web platform built for simple, integrated management of e-commerce operations.

technology stack

Project Overview

Client: Futuriti

Project Type: Web app

Duration of works: 1 year 2 months

Launch date: June 2022

Team: 4 front end devs

Business Context

The client is an owner of a large e-commerce system. Our main goal was to replace outdated technological solutions and develop a clients-dedicated web application.

Various companies, specializing in sales industry, would use this platform to manage their orders, inventories and easily handle multiple e-commerce operations in one place


The final application was supposed to include an improved, modern version of the platform, as well as already used, older technological solutions. The most important part of the application is integration of multiple inventories, product offers and transactions.


Key Features

  • Architecture of the application based on MVVM pattern
  • Ability to create a product offer integrated with numerous sales platforms. Each platform integration contains specific, custom-set parameters.
  • Easy publication of an offer to multiple e-commerce platforms.
  • Interface handling serial e-commmerce operations with various parameters in a single session.
  • Simple management and display of large lists with multiple custom parameters.
  • Auto-save, including search filters and various parameters used between sessions.
  • Responsiveness for various devices and screens.
  • Extra benefits for clients of the application, powered with an AI technology.
  • Reusable structure of application’s components, which enables our client to reuse our solutions in their upcoming projects.

Technologies - details

React, Typescript, Mobx, AntDesign